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Corporate Yoga

I offer corporate yoga to promote health and wellbeing at local offices and businesses in Edinburgh.  Yoga is a wonderful tool to reduce stress and anxiety, improve posture and reduce discomforts such as stiff necks, sore backs, tight shoulders and general stiffness. The current times and the fact that Covid has impacted all of our lives in many different ways, can add further mental and physical challenges and increase stress.


Having a regular Yoga practice can have a positive impact on the nervous system and boost the immune system. Encouraging a Yoga practice in the workplace can support the overall health and wellbeing of your employees and create a healthy, less-stressed and more supportive place to work in.

After working in corporate environments and offices for fifteen years, I am well familiar with the negative impacts that work related anxiety, tension and stress can cause. But I have also personally experienced the positive and healing benefits that even a weekly Yoga practice can bring. Please know that my classes are welcoming for all employees, regardless their age, fitness level or previous yoga experience. I will work with each of your employees individually to support the Yoga practice that is right for them.

I am currently only offering online live streamed classes via Zoom so even if your business is not in Edinburgh, please do get in touch if you are interested. This means that if your employees are doing home office, they can include their yoga practice from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Benefits for employees

Reduced stress, fatigue and anxiety

Improved fitness, strength and flexibility

Increased concentration and focus

Increased energy and positivity

Reduced muscle tension, headaches and physical tension

Improved breathing

Increased sense self-esteem and wellbeing

Improved relaxation and better sleep


Benefits for businesses

Improved job satisfaction of employees

An attractive benefit for current and future employees

Lesser irritability and aggression amongst colleagues

Improved relations between colleagues

Promote team spirit and morale

Prevent burnout and reduce absenteeism

Increased productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace

 How it works

Online corporate yoga classes can be tailored to what you and your employees need, but will generally include breathing techniques, movement and a mindful meditation to encourage relaxation and general wellbeing. Once you decide what day and time would work for your office, you can contact me and we can have an initial chat to discuss your needs. Every week I will send out a Zoom meeting invite for your employees.


Please get in touch if you would like more information about Yoga classes for your employees. Classes can be covered or partly-covered by the company, or covered by the employees. 

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